Marc Andre

Marc Andre

Q :Where is your hometown?
A: Montreal

Q :What is your occupation ?
A: Studying in retail management

Q :What are your hobbies?
A: Doing graphic design work, watching movie, Doing downhill longboarding

Q :What do You like about Japan?
A :The hospitality of the people, the amazing young pop culture, the food(mochi!)

Q :Why Did You choose Japan?
A :Because the japanese culture is so unique and awesome

Q :Where is your favorite place in Tokyo?
A :Shibuya because of the atmospere

Q :What is your favorite Japanese food?
A: I would say mochi with red bean paste or ice cream.

Q :What are The countries You visited, and will visit after Japan?
A :I visited hong kong and some south american countries. After this trip, I’m going to do an internship in France and later, probably going to africa or Australia.

Q :What do You like about Musashi?
A : The friendly housemates. Near so many good things (lawson store, don quijote!, asakusa shrine). The atmosphere of the sharehouse overall, living and being able to meet people from different culture.

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