Frequently Asked Questions

Interview & Moving In

Q. What is the concept of International Share House 634?

A. International Share House 634 is established for visitors from abroad who are staying long in Japan, for example: those who are holding working holiday visa, working visa, student visa, etc. We are here to support your life in Japan. We offer a comfortable base, and we organize activities to help our residents to build a social life in Japan. We also encourage Japanese who are planning to study, work or go backpacking abroad in near future.

Q. Can anyone live at International Share House 634? Is there any interview?

A. We want to make sure our residents are comfortable and make a point of interviewing the background of prospective residents. You do not need to have a guarantor but we do conduct interviews about your background and purpose of stay in Japan. We try to maintain a friendly and pleasant social community in our share house.

Q. What kind of documents do I need to stay in International Share House 634?

A. Please prepare following documents:

– Your passport & visa
– first month’s rent, utility costs and deposit, in Japanese yen
– Emergency contacts in Japan
– Emergency contacts in your country

Rent & Payment

Q. How much is the initial cost?

A. One month rental fee, depending on the type of accommodation + deposit (10,000 yen) + utility costs (5,000 yen or 8,000 yen).

Q. What is the minimal rental term?

A. Our minimal rental term is just 1 month. If you plan to stay less than 1 month you can stay one of the Khaosan Tokyo hostels ( in Asakusa! They accept one night stays!

Q. How do I pay the rent?

A. You can pay cash to the manager directly or via bank transfer.
We do not accept credit cards and other payment methods, as of now.

Q. When do I pay my rent?

A. Each payment day of a month is determined according to the date you moved in. Please pay before the payment day to the manager directly or via bank transfer.
– When the payment date is either Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, please pay until the business day before the payment day.
– Please kindly bear the bank remitting charges concerned with yourself.
– In case if arrears continue, we may reach to your emergency contact, explain about your arrears, and charge to your emergency contact, as deemed necessary.

Q. Can I reserve a room?

A. You may reserve 2 weeks before your planned move in.
Reservation shall take effect upon payment of reservation fee of 10,000 yen, which shall be considered as your deposit upon your move in. If in case you cancel your reservation, your reservation fee shall not be refunded.

Q. Can I invite friends and families to the facilities? could they sleep over in my flat?

A. You can invite friends and family to spend time with you in our common areas. However, they may not sleep over in your bedroom.

Q. Is there a manger in International Share House 634?

A. Yes, we have a manager who is often on-site and always available for resident’s questions and needs. We have help staff to keep the share house clean on a daily basis.

Facilities & Equipment

Q. Can I smoke inside International Share House 634?

A. We have smoking area in a small courtyard in the center of the building. Smoking is not allowed inside.

Q. Can I park a car or a bike? Is it free?

A. Bikes may be parked for a house with parking space, however there might be no rooms to park anymore, so please ask us.

Q. How to use laundry machines and driers?

A. They are coin-operated. (200 yen)

Q. How about internet?

A. We have free and secure high speed internet throughout the building, accessible 24/7.


2-9-14 Higashi-Komagata, Sumida, Tokyo

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