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No.Room typeRentUtilitiesStatus
C202Private Room55,000 yen8,000 yenAvailable on 05/17
C203Private Room55,000 yen8,000 yenOccupied
C205Private Room55,000 yen8,000 yenOccupied
C206Private Room65,000 yen8,000 yenOccupied
No.Room typeRentUtilitiesStatus
C201-ADormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenOccupied
C201-BDormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenAvailable
C201-CDormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenOccupied
C201-DDormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenAvailable
C201-EDormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenOccupied
C201-FDormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenOccupied
C201-GDormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenOccupied
C201-HDormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenAvailable
No.Room typeRentUtilitiesStatus
C204-AFemale Dormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenAvailable
C204-BFemale Dormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenAvailable
C204-CFemale Dormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenOccupied
C204-DFemale Dormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenOccupied
C204-EFemale Dormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenOccupied
C204-FFemale Dormitory40,000 yen5,000 yenAvailable


2-9-14 Higashi-Komagata, Sumida, Tokyo

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