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Kate’s French Lessons: 11/06/2017


That was the part 1 of the christmas series The lesosn was on the vocabulary of christmas and I explain to the

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20171105 CEBWAY ENGLISH REPORT VOL.11「のまシェア英語飲み会」


20171029 Cebway English Report Vol.11 毎週、開催しているCebway English さんとの業務提携による634の住人向けレッスン! 住人のからのアドバイスで気軽に参加できるように

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Kenya’s Japanese lessons Vol 4


Kenya’s Japanese Lesson , for beginner for new residence of iNomadShare Tokyo. It is great help for the

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Kenya’s Japanese lessons How to count in Japanese!


  In Kenya’s Japanese lessons, the students which belonged to the ”basic group” or new

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Thursday Mornings: Sivananda Yoga Class with Erina San


Improve mental, physical and spiritual strength with free Sivananda Yoga classes headed by professional Yoga i

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Summer Party, Japanese Style!

Thank you all for joining the party! And most, thank you for those who volunteered to help; Sayaka San, Yo San

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Welcome to Musashi634!

Welcome to International Share house Musashi634

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English lesson with Itsuki 20160515


Improving Itsuki’s conversational skills with Mariko, Wednesday night at the classic building!

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Gyoza party_2016/01/09


We had a Gyoza party as a farewell party for our resident from New Zealand. We wish you our best in England!

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Nabe party_2016/01/05


We had Ishikari-nabe party!

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