Nathan Tolhurst

nathan Tolhurst

Where is your hometown?
A: My hometown is the Gold Coast, Australia.

What is your occupation ?
A: I am a Electrician while I am in Australia and a Chef while traveling.

What are your hobbies?
A: For my hobbies I enjoy skiing, hiking and generally exploring around.

What do You like about Japan?
A: What I like about Japan is that it is so foreign to my own country and it is fun to discover new things.

Why Did You choose Japan?
A: I am a big fan of One Piece and manga in general

Where is your favorite place in Tokyo?
A: One of my favorite places in Tokyo is Asakusa.

What is your favorite Japanese food?
A: One of my favorite things to eat is tonkatsu ramen but I have found myself eating at matsuya a lot recently.

What are the countries You visited, and will visit after Japan?
A: So far I have visited Canada, USA, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand. After Japan I plan to travel to South Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Croatia and the United Arab Emirates over the next 2 years.

9. What do You like about Musashi?
A: What I like about musashi is the people are really nice and welcoming

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