Welcome back_2015/09/01

Chloe and Clement, the residents of International Share House 634 came back from a trip to Osaka, and they had so much fun in their trip!

We spent the first night with our friend, and we found a hostel from the second night. The hostel was located in a fairly remote area of ​​the center, and it was poorly maintained. The air conditioning was rotten and broadcast a dirty moldy smell throughout the room, and there were plenty of mosquitoes in the shower.

We went to America-mura first. At first we did not know that it was America-mura, although we have heard by residents of 634. The next day, following the recommendations that we had from them, we decided to go to America-mura, and we were surprised to see that it was the same place! The night we spent there was great fun, the night life in this neighborhood looks like a neighborhood our hometown, Toulouse.

When we went to Namba and Dotonbori canal, there was a concert in the streets of Ebisu-bashi bridge. It sounded nice. We found a place where they were selling 8 pieces of takoyaki for only 300 yen. I bought it, even though I wasn’t hungry. Takoyaki is so delicious!

We also went to Osaka-jo Castle. Inside the castle is a modern museum, but the building itself was beautiful, especially the view from the top floor. Then we went to a nearby park for few beers and relax. We also ate okonomiyaki, it was too yummy!

Shinsekai was an interesting neighborhood. We were told that the Tsutenkaku tower was small, but from below it seemed enormous. His form was pretty special and interesting. We went to a restaurant in Shinsekai, but it was so crowded and the staff were not able to take care of us. They spoke only Japanese, so I struggled to ask for plates and napkins. Nonetheless, Kushikatsu were really good.

We went to Nara too. In Nara Park there were many deer and deer, which had cute atmosphere from a distance, but when I gave them food they followed me and bit me! Deers are rude! But I could stroke them and it was really nice. There was a huge statue of Buddah inside the temple. There was also a beautiful shrine in the middle of a beautiful forest.

Osaka station is a beautiful building, and when I am in, it makes me feel like I want to become an architect.

When we were in Osaka, we were eating takoyaki everyday. Takoyaki in Osaka are so soft and creamy! I love them!

We came back from Osaka to Tokyo, and when we got to Asakusa, we felt that we are at home now. International Share House 634 is a place where I feel ease and comfortable.


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