Inés Redondo

Wheh is your hometown?
A: Madrid, Spain
What is your occupation ?
A: Designer
What are your hobbies?
A: Traveling, photography, crafts
What do You like about Japan?
A: I love the culture and the people, their attention to detail and their kindness
Why Did You choose Japan?
A: Last year I came to Japan three weeks and fell in love with this country, so I decided to come back. It is a very interesting place, especially for those who like art and design
Where is your favorite place in Tokyo?
A: I like many places in Tokyo, such as Asakusa, but what I like most are gardens and one of my favorites is the garden of Nezu Museum
What is your favorite Japanese food?
A: Okonomiyaki
What are The countries You visited, and will visit after Japan?
A: I have been to Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, USA, United Kingdom and Germany and I am planning to go back to Japan again
What do You like about Musashi?
A: What I like most is the great people who live there

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