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Musashi634 celebrates Tanabata!

tanabata final 20160708

Tanabata or 七夕 is a festival in Japan every July 7. It is celebrated by writing wishes or poetry on a 短冊(tanza

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Octavia and OE’s birthday celebration plus Carine’s Farewell Party


Musashi634 sends it’s warmest birthday greetings to our residents, Octavia and OE. We wish you prosperit

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Burger Party at Musashi634!


It was Burger Party for this month in Musashi634! Our resident dietician Aiko San along with the other tenants

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Mio San from Storyshare provide English lessons to Musashi residents


Storyshare COO, Mr. Fumio Matsumoto personally conducted English lessons for Musashi Residents from May 19-20.

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April 18 Staff Party


A staff party was held at Hirayama San’s wine bar for all those who worked for and are still working for

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Resident’s Party – Bento making!

for approval

Thank you resident’s for participating especially for those who helped in the preparation namely Aiza an

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Sushi Party


At International Sharehouse Musashi634, we host a variety of events monthly mainly to create a social atmosphe

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2-9-14 Higashi-Komagata, Sumida, Tokyo

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