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2019/02/24 Japanese Cooking Night ~Temaki-Sushi~


We held Temaki-Sushi party with Nomadshare Annex & East and Nomad Hostel. The hosts are Japanese staffs. W

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2018/11/04 Indonesian Cooking Night


シェアハウス住人、インドネシア人のErikaによるインドネシア料理クッキングナイトを開催しました。 Erikaは東京の日本語学校に通う留学生で、1年以上日本に住んでます。過去には中国にも留学経験していたこともあり、インド

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2018/10/27 Halloween Party


10月27日に毎年恒例のハロウィンパーティーを開催しましたので、その模様をお届けします。さて、今年のハロウィンは平日(水曜日)とのこともあり、気が早いですが、土曜日にシェアハウス内で開催しました。 ハロウィンデコレーショ

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20180811 スペイン料理クッキングナイト



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Mojito Party at classic event space 2017/08/26


We had a Mojito & Beerpong Party for summer! Pls. Join us Next Time!           &n

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Musashi Residents goes camping!


Musashi Residents surely knows FUN and this time, we went camping! Packed with our swim swear, water guns, lot

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When in Musashi, Residential Party, Hanami by Sumida River!


What is more relaxing and fun than spending quality time with friends who gradually became your second family

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Saturday’s Beer Pong Tournament!


Musashi634 and Nomadshare residents surely did have fun beating beer pong Champion (National level) Chinda San

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Musashi Residential Event: Christmas party


  Residential Christmas Party feast! Everyone got to enjoy our resident dietician Aiko San’s specia

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Free Yoga Sessions at Musashi for its residents!


Yoga practice is believed to substantially improve one’s physical and mental health; increased flexibili

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