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Kate’s French Lessons: 10/28/2017


This time actually we only take which dialogue and I teach them grammatical point, make them repeat and pickup

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20171022 Cebway English Report Vol.8


20171022 Cebway English Report Vol.8 毎週、開催しているCebway English さんとの業務提携による634の住人向けレッスン! 10月22日のレッスンの一部をレポートします&#

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Kenya Japanese Lesson Update!


Basic Japanese Lesson by Kenya! We studied  as blow! Hiragana Quiz Review for the colors we have learned Vocab

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20171016 Cebway English Report Vol.7


毎週、開催しているCebway English さんとの業務提携による634の住人向けレッスン! 10月16日のレッスンの一部をレポートします 今回の参加者は最近、入居してきた住人達と、トルコとドイツからの住人も参加しま

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Kate’s French Lessons: 10/12/2017


Nous imaginons un nouveau monde! We learned new world with new! 1. Greetings & useful questions 2. Culture

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Kenya’s Japanese lessons How to count in Japanese!


  In Kenya’s Japanese lessons, the students which belonged to the ”basic group” or new

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