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Kate’s French Lessons: Basic French Grammar


This lesson with Kate was about Basic French Grammar to be able to construct simple sentences. Both Kate and t

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Ben Seguin


Where is your hometown? Saintes, France What is your occupation? Currently unemployed. Usually civil servant.

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Kate’s French Lessons: Culture, Vocabulary and making a sentence


Kate’s French lessons this time included Culture: King Louis XVI & Versailles, New vocabulary words,

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FREE Japanese Lessons from Resident Instructor, Kenya


In Kenya’s Japanese lessons, the students which belonged to the ”basic group” or new learner

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Kate’s (Keito’s) French Lesson: French Alphabet and Pronunciation


As we all know, French could be one of the most difficult languages to learn due to their unique pronunciation

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Basic Group of Kenya’s Nihonggo Lessons


It’s nice to see new participants joining Kenya’s Nihonggo Lesson. Welcome new residents Trang and

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Jya…mata ne Leo!


Mariko: how would you describe your experience in Musashi? Leo (the guy in the center with the suit case obvio

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Resident Yuko sharpens English communication skills with Ethan


Despite being able to speak fluently in English, resident Yuko is determined to sharpen her English Communicat

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Michel Cardinale

Where is your hometown? Brescia, Italy What is your occupation? I’m a student What are your hobbies/interests?

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Liv Robroek


Where is your hometown? Ubbergen, The Netherlands What is your occupation? Next year, I’ll start a Bachelor in

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