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Staff Party at Oshizu Wine Bar

final photo feature

634 Management had another party for the staff in appreciation of all their efforts for the Sharehouse! This e

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English Lesson at Musashi

Lesson 20160709

English lesson with Momo San at Musashi634! Thank you for coming and taking interest in the free English class

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Musashi634 celebrates Tanabata!

tanabata final 20160708

Tanabata or 七夕 is a festival in Japan every July 7. It is celebrated by writing wishes or poetry on a 短冊(tanza

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Delia Solari

Delia Solari

Where is your hometown? A: Geneva, Switzerland. Originally the Italian side of Switzerland What is your occupa

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2-9-14 Higashi-Komagata, Sumida, Tokyo

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The position is for native Japanese speaker only.

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Get free accommodation in exchange with service.

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